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Strategy Development

New markets, new competitors, a new generation of customers and employees require new business strategies. The power of social networks is already felt in many business areas. Finding the right strategies for dealing with new technologies and a changing society requires more than just knowledge about them. Above all, it requires experience in how to successfully implement such changes in your company.  

We have this experience and help you find the right strategy.

Technology Consulting

What comes after Facebook and Twitter? Which devices will we use in the future? How are we going to communicate with customers and employees in the future?  As the investment and life cycles of products decrease, it is important to keep an overview in order to make the right decisions.


We observe and evaluate new product developments, trends and markets so that you can make the right decisions.


Social Networks

The use of social networks plays a decisive role in communication with customers, business partners and employees.  Every day, new means of production , processes and tools are developed.  Unfortunately, not all of them fulfil the promises made. Which network fulfils the intended purpose while, at the same time taking into account all associated costs? What advantage do instructional videos (tutorials) have over manuals and how does this show in a cost/benefit calculation?


We combine many years of experience in communication and media production with the latest findings in futurology

Organization & Employees

In many cases, the sole use of new technologies and products to secure the company future has the opposite effect. Employees and customers are frustrated while costs continue to rise. Technological and organizational changes must go hand in hand and be coordinated. Small changes in the organization can prevent large expenditures in new technologies - and vice versa.


We stand for sustainable and future-oriented human resource development in which employees are constantly (and synchronously) developed along the use of new technologies

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